Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Hinish Family

"Wait, I thought your last name was Hines?"

yes... Hines pronounced like Hinish. Makes so much sense.

I really do love my (fairly) new last name. It is just unfortunate because Hinish Home sounds so much better for a blog than Hines (like Heinz ketchup) Home.

I even thought Drew's last name was Heinz until our third date when I explained to him how I told my dad who I was with and I said Hines... like the ketchup. Drew proceeded to tell me it was Hinish and of course I didn't believe him and then I felt awkward for not knowing his last name.......


I thought I would introduce my new little family around here.

Drew and I met in college (my freshmen and his sophomore year) on a Pro-Life trip to D.C. But I feel like that is a story for another time.

We began dating that next summer. We dated for a year and a half. Our time dating was spent going to sorority/fraternity events, FOCUS things, a Spring Break trip to Rome with the Newman Center, one person discerning their vocation for what seemed like eternity to the other, road trips visiting family, and many many hours of watching The Office. In March 2014 (my junior and his senior year) Drew proposed. After he graduated Drew became a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Missionary in Omaha and I finished up my last year of college, receiving a degree in elementary education. We were engaged for 14 months and were married the Saturday before I graduated.

After graduation, we left for our honeymoon and then headed to Florida for summer training for FOCUS. We spent the rest of our summer living with our parents in Nebraska fundraising our salary. In August we packed up and moved to Auburn, Alabama where we now serve as missionaries!

A recap of my life May 3rd to September 4th 2014: married, graduated, honeymoon, dyed my hair brown (that was a big deal), moved to Alabama, AND found out we were pregnant. PHEW! So many changes!

We had an amazing first year of marriage serving students at Auburn University. Thirteen days after our one year anniversary (5 days after my due date) JohnMark Joseph was born! It was a whirlwind of a year but I couldn't even think of anything that would have made it better. We are heading back to Auburn in the fall for another year and then who knows what is next!

And that is the Hines (Hinish) Family!

Friday, July 17, 2015

7QT: JM Overload

Here's my first Seven Quick Takes hosted by Kelly. Here goes nothing!


At the Orlando airport. Our flight was delayed due to a huge storm.. Poor JM looked terrified! 
(He was actually just getting his diaper changed and holding on to his socks) 


He's not letting that paci go anywhere


Dancing because he is so excited for his aunts and uncles to come in town!


Poor guy had his two month check-up. He got three shots, but luckily they gave him cool spiderman band-aids. 


The doctor asked how he liked tummy time..... and I was like uhhhh yeah he likes it. We'll work on it JM!


Two months old!! 
11lbs 14oz and 23 and a quarter inches long
He loves smiling, cooing, looking up at the ceiling and lights, being swaddled and his pacifier. He started sleeping in a crib and had his first bottle (which he devoured and I cried just a little bit) 


His first experience feeling wind...hahaha