Friday, July 17, 2015

7QT: JM Overload

Here's my first Seven Quick Takes hosted by Kelly. Here goes nothing!


At the Orlando airport. Our flight was delayed due to a huge storm.. Poor JM looked terrified! 
(He was actually just getting his diaper changed and holding on to his socks) 


He's not letting that paci go anywhere


Dancing because he is so excited for his aunts and uncles to come in town!


Poor guy had his two month check-up. He got three shots, but luckily they gave him cool spiderman band-aids. 


The doctor asked how he liked tummy time..... and I was like uhhhh yeah he likes it. We'll work on it JM!


Two months old!! 
11lbs 14oz and 23 and a quarter inches long
He loves smiling, cooing, looking up at the ceiling and lights, being swaddled and his pacifier. He started sleeping in a crib and had his first bottle (which he devoured and I cried just a little bit) 


His first experience feeling wind...hahaha 

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