Thursday, September 10, 2015

7QT: Current Favorites

Linking up with Kelly today to share some of my recent favorite things. But first, how about a picture of this guy?

He is obviously stoked about Pope Francis' upcoming visit. 

1. Gilmore Girls

Someone recommended to pick a show once JM was born to watch while nursing and whatnot.. I am much more of a easy going TV show person rather than a movie person. I love the characters and it really seems impossible to find a show that is more on the wholesome side like this one.

2. These nursing tanks

They are the BEST. They make any nursing bra into a nursing cami and have been a game changer. I was just wearing camis for way too long and these were the perfect solution because I really prefer to keep my stomach covered, specially when nursing out and about.

3. Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

It still seems weird to be able to drink again... We stopped at this liquor store while we were in Minnesota and driving through Georgia this summer (also happened to be the location of a HUGE poop accident.... like poop splattered on the floor...... and my shirt... and shoes....with no diaper bag in hand........ while Drew was on the other side of the store......while strangers gawked at me) ANYWAYS apparently this place has the best prices and I picked this out. Drew has been trying out different drinks with it. (He really makes great drinks. People say it's because he worked at a bar in college, but I don't think working at The Downtown exactly gave him many real bartender skills.) So far my favorite is Pama, vodka, sprite with lime. Sometimes with a bit of lemonade too.

4. This bubble bath

I never thought I would be a bubble bath person. Especially because our tub has always been kind of nasty, but then my mom came when JM was born and scrubbed the heck out of it and something about having a baby cling to you all day really makes a nice soak sound appealing. This was the cheapest stuff they had at Ulta and I love it!

5. Bare Minerals

I'm not much of a makeup person so I don't have too much to say about this, but I bought this starter kit this summer. I really like the natural look of it and I am hoping to get the eye shadow soon.

6. This App

Habit Streaks has been a great way for me to stick to my goals. Praying throughout the day was hard for me, but Habit Streaks can give reminders and keep track of your progress with stars on a calendar... just like when my parents tried to get me to stop sucking my thumb....

7. Podcasts

Podcasts are the only thing that get me through cleaning... especially my least favorite- scrubbing the bathrooms. I could probably do a whole other post on these, but I will try to keep it short. Until Serial comes back, my go-to are Three Dogs North, Messy Parenting, Father Mike Schmitz's homilies, and clips from Jen Fulwiler's radio show.

I just discovered Messy Parenting and I am doing a 30 day trial of Sirius XM radio which includes shows on demand (so I can listen to all the full 2 hour Jen Fulwiler show because her podcast clips were such a tease) so I feel like I have soooo much catching up to do!

They are all a good variety of different type of podcast, except they are all Catholic hah,  but my favorite is Three Dogs North. Our good friend Rob was a missionary when we were students at UNL is now a seminarian. Rob, another seminarian, and a priest get together and chat about just about anything. I love hearing their insights and I feel like I am just hanging out with Rob, which is awesome because we don't see him too often. I highly recommend it! What else should I be listening to?

Anddd that's it! Happy weekend!



  1. Oh.. those epic poop explosions. I can relate!

    1. They are terrible but also make such funny stories!

  2. Habit Streaks is downloading on my phone as I type this! I can't wait to use it

    1. yay! Those stars are surprisingly motivating!

  3. I have just gotten back into podcasts too because they keep me less bored while folding laundry. :) I love Jen Fulwiler's stuff but maybe for something different the Freakonomics podcast is super interesting! Not Catholic stuff obviously but they do a different topic every week and they are all fascinating - definitely make the time go by quickly! I also love the Ghost Fawn Podcast - Cari at Clan Donaldson and her husband talk about homesteading and chickens and stuff, it's super cool!

    1. I'll definitely check those out! It probably wouldn't hurt to get out of the Catholic podcast bubble :)

  4. Fountains of Carrots podcast is my fave lately, two Catholic super mamas discussing anything and everythin, some times the conversation is so good I have to remind myself they cant hear me if I talk out loud "to" them haha

  5. Fountains of Carrots podcast is my fave lately, two Catholic super mamas discussing anything and everythin, some times the conversation is so good I have to remind myself they cant hear me if I talk out loud "to" them haha