Sunday, September 20, 2015


I've always liked the idea of observing the Sabbath, but it was so difficult in college with homework, especially since I always tended to procrastinate. Last year our Sundays always felt a little blah. We ended up staring at the TV and our phones more than anything. The week would start and we wouldn't feel refreshed.

After putting in some thought and a bit of trial and error we have the perfect weekends! Saturdays include a run for Drew, my weekly grocery store run, (I have finally learned how to plan ahead for meals for the entire week, a dessert for bible studies, and our team breakfast on Fridays. My life is so much better when I'm not going to the store every other day.) a few chores and football!

If we are more intentional with work on Saturdays, we can really enjoy Sundays. So far our last few Sundays have included any of the following:

Mass at 7:45am. It sounds painfully early, but I'm up to feed JM around then anyway and we get home around 9 with the whole day ahead of us.

Coffee Dates. It is so enjoyable to get coffee and be able to sit, chat, read and NOT do homework! Plus, a little caffeine helps with the early mass. We usually run into a few students too so it's fun to distract them with JM.

A trip to Sam's. Typing this out makes me feel very lame... But seriously, does Sam's ever get old? We usually need to get something there anyway and it is by far the cheapest place to eat!

Reading/Nap time. I mean, we do get up at 6:30. I finished Me Before You and just started The Royal We! (I won't say who was fake sleeping in the picture to document this family nap)

A Rosary. It is the Sabbath after all.

A little TV. We watched Spinning Plates on Netflix and it was soooo good. I love those types of shows. A Chef's Life, Chef, Chef's Table, pretty much anything about food. What are some other good ones?

Dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love eMeals??

A trip to a park. We have been checking out all the parks in Auburn. We have our favorites, the ones without swarms of bugs and a dog park. Sometimes we walk around campus which might be my favorite. We usually run into a few students on campus too!

Rendezvous. The night ends with Drew going to "Rendezvous" which is a chill gathering of students with milk and cookies after the 8pm student mass. I used to join, but JM's bedtime usually interferes.

My mom, sister, Drew and I have also been fasting from social media on Sundays. This definitely adds to the relaxing Sunday.

We have been enjoying our Sundays so much with being intentional with our time, turning our perspective to God, family time, and relaxing. It is the perfect way to recharge for the week!

This is how we feel Monday morning.


p.s. does anyone know why my profile picture is so distorted??


  1. Your Sundays sound so fun! We've been in a rut of procrastinating a lot of our household chores until Sundays, which doesn't make for a very restful day when we're running around cleaning and doing laundry and stuff! I love your ideas. I keep trying to convince David to start a weekly coffee date but since he doesn't like coffee it's a little hard to convince him...haha! :)

    1. Oh man! There are so many good coffee shops in Lincoln too! Maybe an ice cream date?? That would be more up my alley haha I miss Ivanna Cone!

      And to be honest I get a little itchy Sunday night when I make my to do list for Monday... it's hard to not do any chores!

  2. You should write me a marriage how-to :) Your Sunday's sound absolutely ideal! Hopefully one day our Sundays include our kids playing together and coffee double dates...

  3. I love that you fast from media on Sundays! Great way to keep the focus on the Sabbath :)