Thursday, October 15, 2015

7 QT: Showers, Dresses, and Birthdays

I am pretty sure about half of my posts are Seven Quick Takes now... but I can't pass up Link-toberfest hosted by Kelly!

1. This weeks question: Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Seven Quick Takes?

I have been following blogs since I was a junior in high school, about 7 years ago. I wish I could remember how I first started diving into blogs. I am positive I found a few of my regular ones through 7QT, but honestly I can't remember where I picked up most of them! Jen, Kendra and Hallie were some of the first. AND meeting Lindsay really got me reading her blog.

Most recently I have started following Stephanie at Blessed to Be. (We had the same due date and our sons have very similar names!)

2. Megan and I threw our sister-in-law, Preston, a baby shower last weekend! It was a blast! I am going to post more about it later, but here is a sneak peak at the precious Story Book themed shower.

3. Megan went wedding dress shopping!!!!!!!!!!! She wrote about it here. Oh my goodness, she picked the most beautiful dress ever. It is almost funny how different it is than anything I ever imagined her in, but it is SO perfect. When she came out in the one, we all instantly knew it was perfect. So cliche, but true.

4. My birthday was on Tuesday and I turned 24. Somehow I feel like I just skipped 23, it went so fast. Last year, I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy and so so sick. Like, I passed up my birthday gift of a manicure and pedicure sick. Drew attempted to plan a day and after running to the bathroom multiple times on our first stop, we gave up and went home. I remember thinking, my next birthday I will have a 5 month old baby and it will all be worth it!

Let's just say this one easily passed up the previous. My family was so sweet to celebrate when I was home. It was the first time I was with all my siblings and parents probably since I was in middle school.

My day was full of visitors and fun gifts! Drew hid a few presents around the apartment and texted me throughout the day telling me where they were.

5. After a pretty eventful flight to Nebraska, the way home was a breeze. My dad was flying for work and was able to take the same flight as me! It was so nice to have extra hands. He travels every week for his job so he is a pro. Poor guy stood in line to wait for me to check my bag, passed up his opportunity for TSA pre-check, and even took a middle seat so I could have the window. That is true love!

6. I briefly mentioned it in my last post, but JM has been changing so much. His newest trick, getting up on his hands and knees and launching himself forward. Noooooooooooo. I'm not ready. He also is started to get a really good belly laugh and it's the best.

7. We are going to take a little family vacation! If we ever travel, it is always duel purpose. Mostly visiting family, mission partners, or weddings. But we are going to Savannah just for fun! Has anyone been there? Any suggestions for places to go?

Have a great week! And I promise I will eventually post more than just 7QTs.


P.S. My dear friend, Brooke just started a blog. Check it out!


  1. I love when they start laughing!! The belly laughs make everything worth it. :)

  2. Your dad is so sweet! There's nothing worse than the middle seat so he's definitely a hero!