Friday, October 9, 2015

7QT: Planes, Layovers, and Blowouts

Linking up for another Quick Takes! To answer this week's question for Link-toberfest, this is my 5th 7QT!

1. This week I traveled back to Nebraska (where I am from) for exciting family events: baby shower for my sister-in-law and wedding dress shopping for Megan! Drew stayed back which means I flew alone with JM. He flew when he was 6 weeks and 3 months old, but Drew was always there to help.

2. I was most fearful of a blowout on the plane. I like to sneak and quickly change diapers in the seat, and with a blowout... that would just be scary. I still don't understand how those tiny bathrooms have space for a changing table and you + baby.

3. We were going through security, in the special stroller/wheelchair lane, and I was feeling like super mom. Shoes off, diaper bag on conveyor thing, pick up JM, detach car seat, turn upside down and on it's way through the scanner, pushing stroller and holding JM, when the kind lady in front of my informs me, "Ma'am his pampers is leaking."

4. UGH. My worst fear is coming true. And it's not a typical up the back, it's the big down the leg kind. Finish security, awkwardly holding him so I don't make the mess bigger, take the train to the gate, go to the bathroom and frantically give him a baby wipe bath and change his clothes. I make it to the gate with 15 minutes to spare. Phew.

5. The next task I was nervous about was folding the stroller for gate check/holding up the boarding process. I was strategically planning how I was going to do it when I was in line for Family Boarding. I get to the lady scanning boarding passes, "And your son's boarding pass?" What?? I've already taken two trips with JM how did I forget he needs a boarding pass too??

6. By the time I go back to the counter and get his boarding pass they are well into boarding Bs. The gate check was a breeze. Then came choosing a seat. Normally, I would choose and empty row and let the other passenger choose or be forced to sit with us, if there weren't other seats left. This time, there were no empty rows left. I had to choose the victim. I scan for the baby-friendliest looking person. I spot a young lady who smiles at me. Bingo. I sit down and freeze. She has a baby too. I already committed to this seat, but could this be the perfect storm with two babies in one row? It was actually perfect because no one would dare sit between two moms with babies! She was so understanding and both of the babes slept most of the way! (I even changed JM's diaper on the seat between when she was sleeping so she didn't notice. Score.)

7. The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful. I did meet a sweet nurse who used to work in Omaha. She offered to give me her seat at the gate. I declined, sitting on the floor next to her, I noticed her very Catholic tattoo on her foot. We had friends in common, she offered to hold JM, and sat next to me on the last flight. We even read some of the same blogs.

7+1. This is the second time JM and I have been away from Drew. It is hard on all of us. This time it seems like Drew is missing so much!

JM's first time in the jumper, 

JM getting his toes in his mouth, and he is cutting his first tooth. HELP!!  My baby that has been sleeping through the night for two months has been up multiple times these last two nights. I have heard about the 4 month sleep regression. Is that what this is?? What do you do when they start cutting their first tooth?? I will take any and all the advice. Thank you.

Also, props to all the moms who fly alone with multiple kiddos!



  1. I was sweating and nervous just reading this! But it seems like you handled the flight well =)
    As for the teeth thing... I have no advice. We were lucky and Luke never seemed bothered by his teeth at night.

    1. Ugh, it stinks! And of course it happens when I am away from Drew! (And it was pretty exciting seeing my name over there! :) Hope you had fun at TSwift tonight!

  2. Also.. saw your upside down guy on Catholic All Year. I think that means you're officially legit in the blog world!

  3. Oh man, like what I told Steph at Blessed To Be - 4 month sleep regression is a b. We went to cry-it-out when Kate hit hers because she was just totally messed up - wouldn't sleep at night, then wouldn't nap, then wouldn't sleep at was awful. A few times we'd use baby tylenol just to take the edge off so she could relax if she was really worked up, especially about teething. It's totally magical! Otherwise, good luck is all I can say! :)

    1. We did bath before bed and tylenol tonight... I am really hoping for a full nights sleep for both of us! I wasn't sure when people start the cry-it-out. I'm not sure if my heart is strong enough for that!!!

  4. I second the baby tylenol rec for teething! Everyone's got these amber necklaces and swear by them for teething, but I'm not buying it. To each his own, I suppose! I'll just be over here in my corner giving my kid some more tylenol.

    Also, like Kristen, totally sweating while reading your flying adventures!! I've only flown once with John Paul and husband was with me. He pooped all up is back on the way to the airport and then pooped out his leg while on the plane. Eek! And we only had two back-up outfits. If he did it again, he was flying in a diaper and a swaddle blanket b/c we were out of clothes. What is it about air travel that makes babies do ALL THE POOPING?

    Anyway, you're so brave and sounds like you scored being able to sit next to another mom on the plane. Phew! Oh, and somehow my husband changed John Paul in the plane bathroom. No idea how he pulled it off, but he did. I'll ask him for tips later and let you know. :P

    Babies eating their own feet will always be hilarious to me, btw. John Paul especially likes to do it while I'm changing him. Ew.

    1. I've been wondering about those necklaces! I'm not sure if I'm ready to fork over the $$ to try it out. I gave him some tylenol before bed tonight... fingers crossed!

      That is so weird!!! Seriously, there must be something about flying. Even though it was stressful this time, it was way better that it happened before the flight! Dads are amazing! I am so paranoid about running out of clothes or diapers that I fill the diaper bag to the max. When we flew when he was 6 weeks old we had a layover and a delayed flight that left us stuck in Orlando for 7 hours plus two flights and two hours of driving to the airport and home. We went through sooo many outfits and burp cloths!