Friday, October 23, 2015

7QT: Treats, Crawling, and Too Much Stuff

Here's another 7QT with Kelly:

1. Last Sunday, we went on a walk to one of our favorite parks in town. The sun was setting, JM was snoozing in the stroller, and it was the perfect temperature out. It was one of those picture perfect moments when you really realize how great life is. I tried to capture a photo of it.

2. I made these treats for our bible studies this last week. It seems like anything with Almond bark is good and I really love Ree's recipes. I used Oreos, pistachios, Reese's Pieces, mini chocolate chips, and halloween sprinkles. For bible study, we talked about perseverance in prayer and we watched this. I think the girls liked the concrete points of how to go about praying about a decision, specifically our vocation.

3. My parents are in town!! They came Wednesday night and we are having a blast. The only other time they have been to Auburn was when JM was born. I was a bit busy at the time and didn't feel like I got to show them around much. It's been great to have them here. They were able to go to a FOCUS event Thursday night along with the student mass and dinner. They are getting a mini glimpse into missionary life.

4. JM is army crawling!!!!!! It is amazing how quickly he can figure things out. He has been kind of inch worming around and just today he really started to figure it out. I also bought him this adorable hat, if it ever actually cools down here.

5. We have officially put away the baby swing, bouncer, and boppy (I never really used that thing anyways) and have switched it for a jumper and high chair. I am crying a little bit on the inside (and maybe the outside) about it, but also I don't know what to do with all of this STUFF. I told my mom today, I feel like I spend so much time daily just moving STUFF around- laundry, dishes, making the bed, getting toys out for JM, putting them away, trying to straighten up the kitchen, living room, and dining room table again and again. (and I only have a baby!! What is going to happen when I have a toddler???)  I just keep rearranging everything to seem like it's not as cluttered. I think our apartment really needs to be KonMaried. (can that be a verb?) I started reading the book last time I was at Barnes and Noble and I can't stop thinking about what she said about how much energy we spend cleaning, taking care of, and picking up our stuff. I just want it all gone and not just organized or hidden!!!

Moving on from that rant...

6. Baby food?? JM is quickly approaching 6 months. We have yet to decide or look much into starting baby food. I like the idea of Baby Led Weaning, but am a little nervous to fully commit. Any tips?? Where do I even start researching??

7. To answer the Link-toberfest question, my most popular quick takes was this one. It definitely has to do with the fact that Kendra gave me some credit for a Halloween costume idea. (Thanks, Kendra!) I am really eyeing some of these prizes and I have never ever ever won anything through blogs so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Go Royals!

JM's 5 months old!

I hope ya'll are having a great weekend! We will hopefully be watching the Huskers win and carving some pumpkins!



  1. Can't wait to see your family next weekend! JM is such a cutie!!

    1. I am so excited! I can't wait to meet James!!

  2. What a cute family and cute baby! ;)

  3. We did some baby led weaning and some baby food. Luke started with really small pieces of avocado and banana-- and he did great! There were only a few moments when he gagged on his food (and it was a little scary), but he never actually choked. Good luck, no matter what you choose!

    1. I'm kind of thinking about doing a combination of both! Thanks for sharing, I like hearing what other people have done.

  4. We did a combo of baby-led weaning and purees - Kate was SO EXCITED about any and every type of food that it made it a lot easier. I wanted to do baby-led more, but out of convenience just bought a bunch of jars at Target one day and we went through those. :)