Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Baby in Savannah

As I mentioned before, we took our first family vacay to Savannah, Georgia! I figure I better write about it quick before it becomes another story untold like my partially written birth story. Oops.

We spent three days and two nights there. We got a later start than we planned on Thursday and we forgot about the time difference. Dang.

JM did really well in the car considering he started cutting his second tooth. We were just a bit outside of Savannah, stuck in traffic, and I was sitting in the back seat keeping him company when we heard the worst noise you can possibly hear when a baby is sitting in a carseat.... I instantly remembered Drew and I's last conversation at our pit stop.

*Me wrestling JM in the front seat trying to change his diaper as he was trying to roll over*
(Anyone else steer clear of gas station baby changing tables?? I just can't do it.)

Me: I can't get this diaper on. He keeps moving.

Drew: Yeah, that doesn't look right.

Me: It'll be fine.


I've talked enough about poop on this blog, but let's just say it was another one of those times when zero poop ended up in the diaper and the rest pooled in the corner of his carseat.

ANYWAYS back to vacation:

Day One: After settling into our hotel, we took a walk around the Historic District, scouted out the area, and ate the best burgers and onion rings ever!!! The weather was perfect and we were able to sit outside which is so helpful since we have a pretty big stroller that gets in the way in tight restaurants.

After dinner we stumbled upon the City Market, a strip of restaurants, bars, and shops with live music outside. You can walk around with drinks too, which is perfect when you have a baby and can't go into bars. The candy shop was amazing.... After walking around for awhile we headed back to the hotel. We don't have cable at home, so watching HGTV was a pretty sweet treat.

Day Two: We walked down to the River Street and had brunch at Huey's, a New Orleans style restaurant. (kinda funny considering Auburn is way closer to New Orleans than Savannah) But it was SO good. I will be dreaming about the Bloody Mary and the beignets for a long long time.

We made a pit stop so I could change my clothes.. I am so ready for fall, I keep dressing like it and then end up sweating all day.

Everywhere in Savannah is beautiful. I can't get over the Spanish moss on the trees, the historical buildings, and all the parks. There are little squares that are scattered through the whole city that are basically little parks.

We walked to Forsyth Park and JM went swinging for the first time. He LOVED it.

We stopped at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to pray. It is really beautiful and was filled with so many visitors. It is really neat to see the beautiful of churches that draw people in.

We walked around the rest of the afternoon, stopping in shops and places along the way. One of my favorites was this cute bookstore. They had a precious kids section and I was able to let JM out to squirm a bit. He was a champ being carried or in the stroller all day.

After a rest stop at the hotel and a nap for Drew while I attempted to keep JM from rolling off the bed, we went to dinner at Vinnie Van Go-Go's at the City Market.  The pizza was amazing. We ran into a few people from Savannah and they said this was their absolute favorite. We had some drinks, listened to the music, and may or may not have visited the candy store for a second time.

Day Three: We drove to Tybee Island and had a phenomenal breakfast at The Breakfast Club. The line was out the door and wrapped around the building, so you know it has to be good.

We walked on the chilly, windy beach so JM could see the ocean. He was thrilled.

And then we sadly headed back to Auburn.


We had a great time together as a family. It is definitely different with a baby. It's a weird in between where he is too young for kid stuff (museums, playgrounds, etc.) but we can't always what we would have done before having a babe. My thought process now is about whether or not there is room for the stroller, is there a diaper changing table in the bathroom, and will people stare at me if I nurse here.

JM has also lost the ability to sleep anytime anywhere. He is so distracted by anything that we had to head back to the hotel at a decent time both nights.

We also are sure learning how to wrangle a baby while eating. He wants everything. in. his. mouth. I'm looking forward to when he is sturdy enough for highchairs.

My sweet friend Brielle, gave us some awesome tips for the trip. I was so bummed we didn't make it to Leopold's Icecream... hopefully we will go back!

Hope your week is going well!



  1. This looks like such a fun trip! We still haven't taken a "just-us-three" vacation yet, mostly for the reasons you mentioned when Kate was a baby. (Plus by the time she was able to really be content it was winter!) Now that she's a toddler she's just at the cusp of getting to enjoy kid things and it's so fun! Definitely something to look forward to. :)

    1. I can't imagine having a baby in cold cold weather! I am glad we live in the south for now :) And I know I should be enjoying this time when we are capable of doing more.... but kids things seem so fun!!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! BTW, I told my dad about your many poop stories and he was laughing his head off. :) We appreciate the entertainment...and things to look forward to!

  3. Sounds like you had a blast! BTW, I told my dad about your many poop stories and he was laughing his head off. :) We appreciate the entertainment...and things to look forward to!

    1. Hahaha I am so glad your dad was enjoying them! JM definitely keeps us on our toes! Can't wait to hear your stories soon :)