Friday, November 6, 2015

7QT: Favorite Posts

Do you ever come across a blog post you just know you will never forget? You know those ones you're dying for everyone else to read? There are ones that put my thoughts into much more eloquent words and articulate ideas better than I ever could. Or there are ones that present totally new ideas with much more wisdom and experience than I have... That is mostly the case.

I read these awhile back, but I continue to think about them. Here are a few that I think about often and would like to share.

1. Mary's Story
Mary's story of  her beautiful Courtney is amazing. I don't think I can do any justice by even explaining it. Just go read it yourself when you have time and some tissues.

2. My Child, I Love You- Evidence of Life
Every. Single. Post. Lindsay is such a beautiful example of a mother. I hope one day I can look at laundry like she does. She really is a great role model for myself as a young mother. (Drew arranged for me to get a chance to hang out with her a few years ago on my birthday! She is the sweetest and even gave me a birthday present. It's always a treat bumping into her family.)

3. And this one- I Haven't Been Busy
Especially how she handles everything she can't get done in one day. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. (And I only have one baby!)

4. This Ain't the Lyceum- The Elimination of Charity and the Marginalized
"However, today a common way proposed to help your fellow man is to eliminate his sufferings through death. We are quickly becoming a society that does not want to eliminate suffering through charity and service but through the elimination of the person. We are sacrificing people, rather than our time." 
So so good.

5. All of Mama Needs Coffee.. but in particular this one- Maybe it's Just Love
I love how Jenny writes with so much love and compassion about controversial topics. Her series: Understanding the church's teaching on sex and marriage is definitely worth checking out.

6. Catholic All Year- Dear Newlywed, You're Probably Worried About the Wrong Thing.
I love Kendra's parenting posts and this one in particular.

7. Three Dogs North Podcast- What Do You Want
Rob shares a story about some POWERFUL prayers that really got me thinking about how I pray.

I could really go on and on. What are some of your favorites?

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