Monday, November 9, 2015

Mission Monday {2}: Auburn Tailgate

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Auburn missionaries have a tradition of hosting a tailgate for all FOCUS people every year. I'm not exactly sure how long it's been going on, but I am pretty sure it has been growing each year. (This was only our second year.)

"FOCUS people" pretty much includes anyone with a connection to FOCUS: students, alumni, missionaries from surrounding campuses, parents, priests, mission partners (people who financially support us), and families from the parish.

It's an awesome weekend for so many reasons. Auburn students get to meet so many more missionaries because most only know our small team. Students who are interested in applying to become missionaries get to see a little bit of a bigger picture of FOCUS. The missionaries have a chance to take a break from their campus and recharge with other missionaries. Missionaries who were former Auburn students get to visit their friends. Parents get to meet the missionaries. And it's FUN! Our team works hard to host a few events surrounding the tailgate, but it was all worth the work.

There were about 30 missionaries who came from the region. They were dispersed among student's apartments so they all had a couch or floor to crash on. My sweet friend, Brooke and her family stayed with us! It was such a treat to spend time with them. We have only been able to hang out a handful of times so it was definitely treasured time. They have a son who is only 5 weeks younger than JohnMark.

Here is what the weekend looked like-

Friday night:

-Halloween Party!

The party was definitely a success and included awards for best costumes. The babies snuggled up and slept in their carriers for most of it.

JM's first Halloween!

Nolan and Brooke's team dressed up like 90s toys and easily won the contest

Drew's real feelings about his costume

-Morning Holy Hour. The missionaries met at the church to pray their daily holy hour as a group.

-Football game! The game unfortunately started at 11, which isn't the most ideal time to start a tailgate. But we started watching it at a restaurant and then walked over to the tailgate around half time. We caught a lot of students on their way out of the game so it was perfect!

We had the game playing on a TV, food, drinks, games and music.



It was also Drew's birthday. Our girl teammates were so sweet and decorated their living room with Drew's favorite color, black. (Yeah, he's weird.)

singing happy birthday

Happy 25th Birthday Drew!!


  1. Haha, Drew's face about his costume! That's the way David usually feels about dressing up together too. I say, well suck it up for Kate's sake, she'll love the pictures when she gets older! :)

    1. I'll have to take that route next time because Drew was not a fan! I really wanted him to be the lion... but when he saw the mane he was not havin it.

  2. Photos of your family are my favorite! You guys are the cutest. I can't wait to see JMs smile in a month!