Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission Monday {3}: 5 min/day to change your life

I lead a bible study for girls in Gamma Phi Beta here at Auburn. I was (or do I say I am?) a Gamma Phi at UNL so it is fun to connect with these "sisters" in another way.

The study started last September with four girls. These girls have become such a highlight of our time here. They are so sweet and come to study so consistently. A few, jokingly, call Drew and I their parents.

A few weeks ago we started reading Men, Women and the Mystery of Love by Dr. Sri. This might be my 4th time reading this book for various studies, but every time I get more out of it. Dr. Sri takes St. John Paul II's Love and Responsibility and presents it in a compelling, yet simple and easy way to understand.

We were made to love and to be loved, first by God and then others. By design, these women crave true, authentic love. They have been hurt in their relationships with friends and men. Truth, beauty, and goodness are dimmed by the "hook up" culture they are living among, and it is clear they desire more.

This is apparent to me because they keep bringing more and more girls. The numbers are growing now more than they have in the last year and a half.

We've been having great, honest conversations about friendship, sex and even pornography. And we are only three chapters in!

Anyways, this study has been great, but ultimately, my goal for these girls is for them to each encounter Jesus and have a personal relationship with him.

Two weeks ago one of my dear dear friends from my pledge class texted sharing one of Father Mike Schmitz' homilies about how we are all created to be saints and be holy. Holiness isn't for someone else, it's for EVERYONE.

He challenged his listeners to take 5 minutes a day to meditate on the daily mass readings and then focus on one thing you can apply to your life. He has so much more to say about the whole topic, I highly suggest you listen! (He has another suggestion to "ask, offer and accept", but we are taking things one at a time.)

I challenged my study to take on the task for three weeks. We formed a GroupMe, I send a link everyday to the readings, and girls share their take away with the whole group. So far, it's been very cool to see how scripture inspires each one of us in a different way. And it's great accountability. I'll keep you updated at the end of three weeks. Anyone else want to join in on the challenge? Father Mike promises it will change your life!

In the meantime, please pray for these girls! Specifically, that they realize they were created in the image and likeness of their Father and are worth so much more than our secular culture has to offer.


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  1. I wish I could have been in this study when I was in college! You are doing great things for these girls!

  2. praying for the girls and for you! thanks for sharing!! I love everything by Dr. Ted Sri, I should re-read that book, we read it as newlyweds and I remember loving it!