Monday, August 31, 2015

Home Sweet Auburn

I've been putting off writing this for awhile because it was truly one heck of a summer. Here is a very short summary and too many random pictures:

FOCUS has five weeks of training every summer in Florida. Since JM was just born we only went to two weeks of it. So JM was 5 weeks old we drove 9.5 hours to Ave Maria University where we lived in a dorm room and had to eat meals at a particular times. (very challenging for me to nurse JM and look presentable by a certain time everyday...)

Then we drove back to Auburn on July 3rd. Spent the 4th of July doing lots of laundry, unpacking and repacking because the next day we flew home to Nebraska.

The next weekend JM was baptized by our good friend Father Mills at UNL's new Newman Center. It was so special. I guess I just had never played close attention to baptisms before? But it was so beautiful... even with JM crying the whole time.

We spent the next few weeks going like mad people. We attempted to see almost all of our mission partners (aka everyone who supports us financially since we fundraise our salaries.) We went to Minnesota and three weddings in three weekends. We still need to count how many people JM met.. I think it was easily 75.

We came back to Auburn on August 9th, on the 10th we drove to Mobile for a team offsite, and on the 14th we drove to Kentucky for a wedding.

After Ave Maria, Omaha, North Bend, Lincoln, Hastings, Norfolk, Farwell, Minneapolis, Mobile, and Cincinnati we are finally back to Auburn and I think we are all appreciating the routine!

Out to dinner in Cincinnati 

JohnMark was clearly enjoying himself at David and Linda's wedding

Meeting Great Grandpa John who he is named after

Leaving Ave Maria, JM 7 weeks old

A pit stop at Mark's Melon Patch in Georgia

Meeting Uncle Steve

Visiting Mimi at the toy store

Quick trip to Mall of America

Those tiny people are us outside the Cathedral of St. Paul

So many fun nights with my parents

Meeting Father Holdren

My Gamma Phi family at Liz's wedding


Meeting Uncle Neil

Father Mills and a very hungry JM

JM's Godparents, my sister Megan and Drew's brother Neil

Now I am trying to figure out life in Auburn, with JohnMark, and no moms staying with us to help! It really was a great summer transitioning into motherhood since I didn't have to cook, clean, or do laundry. Our moms spoil us so much :) 

I think we will stay in Auburn as long as we can before we have the energy to pack another suitcase!