Monday, February 1, 2016


I used to eyeroll at New Year Resolutions... As a kid (and a dancer) I think every single year my resolution was to get my splits. Unfortunately, that never happened.

But this year I was ready for a fresh start to refocus. One of my goals is workout consistently. Let's just say.. I didn't exercise much while pregnant.

Sharing a car, an active baby, and a very inconsistent weekly schedule poses some challenges to working out. I finally bit the bullet and started waking up before JM to workout, eat breakfast, and shower. It must have been all those years of lacking basic hygiene while attending an all-girls school, because now I HAVE to shower and wash my hair everyday. I actually get grumpy if I don't shower in the morning. If I am ready for the day by the time JM wakes up, I find it much easier to be patient and happy.

The first morning I was ready to workout, the Beachbody website was down and the next thing I stumbled upon was Daily Burn.

Daily Burn 365 is a live workout class with different instructors and workouts each day. I really like how it feels just like a normal workout class (with normal people in the videos... not crazy in shape people. I get pretty tired of Shaun T pointing out how the modifier girl just had a baby and even she could do it.) I really enjoy the variations of the workouts: strength, cardio, kickboxing (my fav), and a little tabata. I am pretty good at slacking off once I have done all the videos in a series. It's a lot harder to get out of bed when I know exactly what terrible exercises Shaun T is going to make me do. Sometimes the Daily Burn workouts are pretty low key, but it still feels good to get up, stretch and do some exercises. Slow and steady, right?

So far I am on my 4th week of Daily Burn 365 and I haven't lost motivation yet! There are other parts of the website.. but I haven't really used them. The only negative is my free trial is almost up... I do think it is worth the $13/month... but if anyone is interested in trying it out please use my referral link! I get a free month for each person that uses it.

Anyone have tips for working out at home? With a baby?



  1. Ohmygosh. Good for you for getting up and getting it done in the morning! That is probably the smartest mode of attack for me too (I just am not good at following through...) Do you like zumba? There are lots of good videos online so I just made a youtube playlist with some of my favorites. One is a 30 minute/easier playlist and another is an hour. When Luke was little he liked the music and watching me dance so it kept him entertained for a while too :)

    1. I should try that! I've only done it once... maybe I will like it more when I'm in the privacy of my living room haha

  2. Gosh, I just can't get up the motivation to work out when I could be sleeping...good for you! Most days I work out either during Kate's nap or when David gets home (which can be all different times, but doesn't bug me as much as not sleeping would). I've been doing Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide which I like because it has a lot of bodyweight exercises in HIIT format (MWF) and then long distance slow jog/walking (TThS).

    I've heard of DailyBurn but was hesitant to try it because I heard it wasn't that challenging - and I'm a sucker for a really hard workout (so I feel like I got my time's worth out of it). Although Shaun T can get pretty obnoxious because he is just SO in shape and yells SO much.

    1. I remember reading about your Insanity workouts... you kill it! I am definitely not that motivated haha and I've never needed much sleep so that's a plus to the mornings..

      The thing about the rotating instructors is some days are harder than others. Sometimes I wake up in the morning super sore from what I thought was an easy one. But it really is the least intense videos I've ever done (except prenatal pilates....hah)