Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This Easter I kept having flashbacks to last year which included being 8 months pregnant and participating in an Easter egg hunt. Bending over to pick up eggs?? I'm not sure why I didn't opt out. A friend also captured the excitement on video... that was something I really didn't need to see myself do after experiencing the discomfort firsthand. 

Anyways... this year: 

Holy Thursday- It is an adjustment having a babe and not being able to go to all the services. We decided we would switch off Holy Thursday and Good Friday since both were past bedtime. 

Our teammates parents were in town and took us out to dinner. JM discovered rib bones. He probably could have chewed on that for an hour.

Good Friday- I never quite know what to do on Good Friday. We prayed the rosary with our team and went to stations, but I just feel weird doing much on this day... so this year I decided what a perfect time to clean out Drew's side of the closet. I forgot to take a before picture, but the giveaway pile was nice and high. 

What do you do on Good Friday?? Am I the only one that thinks it's weird to do fun things on this day? Also, how do people go to stations with a child?? All the kneeling and standing and genuflecting for each station while holding a baby was harder than my workouts. 

Holy Saturday- My little/dot/baby from Gamma Phi came to visit!! Shelby goes to Optometry school in Memphis which isn't too far. It was fun showing her around some of our favorite places and then we braved the vigil mass..

JM did pretty well.. I was overconfident thinking he would just fall asleep in the ergo... But we spent some time in the back where he eventually fell asleep for maybe 20 minutes. 

Zonked out around 11:30

 Easter Sunday:

We hosted a few people for lunch and took lots of pictures of JM looking pretty sharp in his Easter outfit from Mimi :) It ended up raining most of the day so our Easter egg hunt didn't happen. Although, JM's favorite game is so throw the eggs all over the room instead of putting them in the basket, so I don't think he cared too much.

And the best part is we get to celebrate Easter for eight whole days!! Let's just say I've eaten way too many sweets so far...

Happy Easter!!



  1. I also feel guilty/weird doing anything fun on Good Friday. My mom always made us not watch TV/get off the internet so I do that...and this year we spent cleaning the house, so that might become our new tradition! It feels appropriate, anyway.

    And I TOTALLY feel you about the Easter Vigil/Ergo hopes. Last year one of David's cousins was being baptized so we went to the Easter Vigil at a strange parish and I wore Kate, in 4 inch platforms, for 4.5 hours and she *barely* slept -- I was hoping she'd fall asleep and I could sit down, but no -- the only time she was sleeping/quiet was when I was walking. OUCH. I will never do that again. :)

  2. I think that is a great tradition!

    Four and half hours!! You are a champ! I made the mistake of wearing wedges too..... I will never. ever. wear any type of heel with an ergo again. Lesson learned.