Thursday, May 26, 2016


It's been too long. Here is the briefest recap I can pull off..

Drew spent spring break on a mission trip in Rome (he was supposed to go to Mexico City but switched due to Zika). I went to my cousins themed wedding shower in St. Louis, celebrated my dad's birthday, hung out with Neil, and then drove to Omaha with my parents.

JM just keeps getting cuter and faster everyday.

I talked Drew into doing our student talent show. If you know him, this was a huge accomplishment. Here is a video!

JM and I traveled to Boston for my nephew's Baptism.  It was our first time meeting him and was so fun! I know these two are going to  be causing trouble someday.

We threw an end of the year carnival for students and JM had a little early birthday celebration. We had a bounce house, cotton candy machine, music, yard games, and face painting. It seemed like it was a crazy 1st birthday party... but it really was for our students, promise! Layne made this sweet little video. (and check out her YouTube channel!)

We traveled to St. Louis for my cousin's wedding and got some great time with family. We had a blast dancing at the reception.

My two Godsons! 

JM started handing out hugs left and right. It started with me, then my cousin's son and my brother-in-law. Then he hugged a statue of St. Joseph, but it seemed a lot less precious when he hugged a tree and a broom right after that.

We wrapped up the end of the school year with a team offsite, lots of photos by Abby, and tearful goodbyes.

Team Auburn

My bible study (the toilet paper is an Auburn thing...)

One of Drew's studies

JM had a birthday photoshoot. Check out Abby's work!

Drew and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a nice dinner and watching our wedding video.

We went on a picnic on Mother's Day. JM grabbed a wasp but somehow managed not to get stung.

Drew went on a work trip while I went on tons of walks because Megan gave me her old FitBit and it temporary made me crazy. Now I have just accepted I will never get as many steps as her.

Our sweet sweet friend Martha visited. She was a lifesaver helping us pack and made us dinner!

JM finally perfected "please" in sign language and shows no interest in learning "more" or anything else. He also started folding his hands when we pray.

JM turned one and I was way more emotional about it than I expected. We bought a balloon and had a popsicle to celebrate. Him falling asleep on me was a bonus treat because this kid does not stop moving unless he is sleeping or nursing.

JM was the ring bearer in a wedding and actually made it down the aisle!!

AND lastly, while all that was going on Drew got a new job at the UNL Newman Center, we packed up our apartment and moved back to Nebraska. We couldn't have done it without Drew's brother. I got the easy job, flying with JM, while he made the two day drive.

I could do a whole other post about how we packed our truck and JM was in a wedding all on the same day... but I don't even want to relive it. jk it really wasn't that bad, the worse part was just being stressed about it.. not actually doing it.

But back to the NEW job! Drew is really excited for his new position working in development at the Newman Center. It is so bittersweet to be leaving FOCUS because we have loved our time as missionaries so so much, but we really feel like this is the right step for our family. It's a job he feels very passionate about as both of our faith lives' were immensely deepened by the Newman Center (along with FOCUS) in college.

We have always known we wanted to raise JM in Nebraska close to family. The unfortunate and very very sad part of all of this is my parents (who live in Omaha) are moving to Cleveland, Ohio for my dad's job.

So we are making the most of this transition time as we are living with my parents until our apartment in Lincoln is ready and while their house is for sale. They will head to Ohio as soon as it sells.

How about that for an info/photo dump??

p.s. this is me at 12 months.. doesn't JM look like me??


  1. Ah, I was crazy emotional at Kate's one year birthday and yesterday on her second, I cried like 10 times so...apparently it doesn't get any better. Happy late birthday JohnMark!!!

  2. Gosh, this is just the most enjoyable, adorable, and inspiring little read. You're funny. I miss you. I love you!